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Turkey’s Premier Caster and Wheels Manufacturer with 40 Years of Expertise

Drawing on 40 years of expertise, HTS Casters offers an extensive selection of casters and wheels, ranging from small furniture casters to extra heavy-duty industrial casters, catering to a diverse array of needs. At HTS Casters, we take pride in our professional approach, ensuring quality production across our wide range of products that serve various sectors. Whether you require office or furniture casters, with or without brakes, high carrying capacity, or decorative options, we are dedicated to lightening your load with our comprehensive solutions.

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HTS Casters, with 40 years of expertise in caster and wheels production and leveraging 58 years of industrial experience, prioritizes customer satisfaction as a fundamental criterion by utilizing the contemporary infrastructure of technology.

The main features of this product, which is divided into metal and plastic, are that it is user-friendly, with or without brakes, swivel or fixed. In addition, there are models that are economical, decorative, and functional. Contact us to get product advice according to your project and preference!

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Europe's Brand with the Widest Product Range!

Thanks to its wide range of products, HTS Caster has been providing services for 40 years with quality and high-capacity production, producing solutions suitable for many different customer profiles. We are working to turn the casters better in the light of the demands, suggestions, and opinions of our domestic and international customers.


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