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HTS Casters was established in 1965, starting its industrial and commercial activities. In addition to its industrial operations, since 1985, it has positioned itself as a producer in the field of furniture casters and industrial casters.

As of today, HTS Casters is one of Turkey’s largest and leading casters and wheels  manufacturers, conducting production in a 20,000 m2 facility in Hadımköy, Istanbul, meeting European standards.

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With 40 years of expertise in caster wheels production, leveraging the knowledge of being the world’s first invention, and drawing from 58 years of industrial experience, HTS Casters prioritizes customer satisfaction by utilizing modern technology. Our company, which has evolved over the years with extensive experience, not only strives to offer products tailored to the specific needs of customers but also emphasizes the quality, functionality, price, and design of its products. Catering to various sectors, HTS Casters addresses diverse customer profiles and provides customized solutions to meet these different needs.

HTS Casters is a company that is aware of the importance of fast and high-quality production through professional and proactive applications. Our company recognizes that efficient production involves automation and scheduled operations. We stay current with the latest technology in the field, implementing it not only in computerized machines in our machine park but also in the automatic mold system. HTS Casters engages in the manufacturing, export, and sales to various domestic locations of a wide range of products. We prioritize meeting the needs of individuals and organizations, regardless of size, with the same precision, seriousness, and commitment to satisfaction.

You can explore our unique models in our exclusive showrooms located in Hadımköy or Bayrampaşa, where you will experience a sense of privilege.

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Our brand, which is accepted and appreciated by the leading companies in the sector worldwide with today’s appeal, has crowned its products produced in TSE standards by making customer requests and demands a principle, with the international documents and certificates it has received.

HTS Casters has been regularly participating in the biggest international fairs organized in Turkey and abroad for 23 years, bringing together the professionals of the sector. Our company, which has been entitled to receive the title of the brand that produces the most variety of products in Europe with the variety and quality of its products, represents our country in the best way with its special stand works and product exhibitions.

HTS Caster | About Us
HTS Caster | About Us
HTS Caster | About Us
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HTS Caster | About Us
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