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Furniture Casters Wheels- Fixed and Swivel Casters

HTS Caster offers a diverse range of high-quality furniture casters suitable for chairs, coffee tables, office chairs, shelves, cabinets, beds, and wardrobes. With various sizes and designs, finding the perfect caster for your needs is easy.

Our Fixed and Swivel furniture casters are designed for effortless movement on different floors, preventing scratches and ensuring comfortable use. Casters with brakes are also available for stability. The 360-degree swivel casters enable easy movement in tight spaces, while fixed casters are suitable for coffee tables and large environments with less maneuvering.

For optimal performance, a well-designed caster should provide smooth movement, reduce friction, and minimize wear. HTS Caster offers casters made of durable materials like PP, PVC, and polyamide in various sizes and designs, including locking casters and fixed, and swivel casters.

Choosing the right caster is crucial for furniture stability, durability, and ease of movement. At HTS Caster, we provide a wide range of furniture casters in different colors and sizes, including fixed and swivel options with various connection modes. Our product range also includes Small Caster Wheels, Furniture Casters with Brakes, and Heavy Duty Furniture Casters to meet diverse requirements.

Our casters come in colors such as black, transparent, gray, chrome, and colored transparent options like red, blue, and green. Prices vary based on production materials, ensuring options for different needs and budgets. If you need assistance in choosing the right caster, our team is available through WhatsApp or email. Trust HTS Caster for high-quality and reliable furniture casters.

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