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HTS Caster | Kaplan Black U Disc Furniture legs
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Chair Legs 

You can find all Sofa Legs, furniture legs, kitchen cabinets legs, Dining table legs, TV tables legs, shoe cabinets legs, writing desks legs, consoles and beds legs in this category. The leg cover a wide variety of models, loading capacities, mounting types, heights and diameters.
The Legs are produced in different models such as favori, regal, bingo, smart, tiger, lion, stop, square, selcuk and kale shape and are produced in popular colors such as black, gray and yellow.

Except for the Kale model, other models are in cylindrical form with diameters of 65,48, 70, 42, 69, 55 mm and heights of 38, 45, 50, 80, 100, 200, 250, 150, 120 mm. Among the products you can find products that can withstand high loading and medium loading capacity.
Common mounting types are L Design, Disc, Screw, Short U-Disc, Long U-Disc, Thin Pin and U-Disc. If your main concern is aesthetics, there are products with decorative functionality in this category as well.
These feet are modern, almond-shaped and have high durability.
The material of this series of leg are Metal, PP, PP and Antichote and ABS. Of course, prices vary according to the material of these leg. Because the quality varies according to the materials used.

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