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 Industrial Kitchen Casters

Industrial kitchen casters are an essential part of the food industry, providing effortless mobility for heavy equipment such as kitchen carts, food warmers, and food service carts. They are crucial for ensuring smooth and safe food service operations.

The materials used for food service casters and wheels are also critical, as they affect the performance and durability of the equipment. HTS Caster company produces a range of high-quality caster wheels, suitable for use in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, cafes, and construction machinery. These caster wheels are capable of carrying all types of loads and are designed to be used in devices that require heavy lifting.

There are three different types of caster wheels in this category. The first type is polyamide caster wheels that can carry a load of up to 160 kg, available in disc, fixed, and disc with brake varieties. They are known for their exceptional durability, high loading capacity, impact resistance, high chemical resistance, and noiseless movement.

The second type is polyamide caster wheels with polyurethane coating, capable of carrying a 160 kg load with a diameter of 150 mm. This unique product provides the strength and durability of metal casters and the elasticity of rubber casters, making it suitable for special usage conditions. Polyurethanes are resistant to high temperatures, radiation, low temperatures, and erosion, and offer excellent flexibility of the caster.

The third type which can carry a load of up to 100 kg, is available in fixed, disc, and screw types. They also feature a brake that can be controlled as needed to prevent objects from moving.

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