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Chair casters

Choosing the right casters for office chairs is crucial. The caster material must be compatible with the floor to prevent wear and friction issues.

Office chair casters are typically made of wear-resistant materials like plastic, PU, and nylon 6. Plastic casters suit smooth surfaces, though they may be less durable on uneven ones.

Our company produces various chair casters, mainly crafted from polypropylene. High-quality options like code 249 or code 467 ensure silent movement with materials like thermo, elastomer, nylon 6, or polyurethane in the casting cover. Decorative chrome-plated casters, such as 470 and 150 codes, are also available.

Regardless of the surface—carpet, wooden floor, or others—we provide the perfect casters for smooth chair movement, safeguarding your floors. Explore our wide selection of plastic casters for optimal results and find the best prices at

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