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 Hotel Equipment Casters

In this category, there are different types of caster that can carry 50 kg for use in hotel equipment. These casters have a diameter of 75mm and there are several different types of casters depending on their material.
The casters are different from each other. Known as transparent casters, they are made of PP and PVC.
The second type is made of thermo with a Chrome Rim, which is highly resistant to corrosion and wear. It is also one of the decorative casters.
The third type of caster is made of MMB, available in fixed and swivel form.
HTS Caster company produces the casters used in hotel equipment with different materials, You can make the best choice according to the place where these casters are used.
If you are looking for a caster with beauty and elegance, its transparent caster is the best option.

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